52% of S&P companies have disappeared! Not competitive, not profitable, wrong strategy!

Standard and poors

In the last 15 years 52% of S&P Companies have gone out of business, or been acquired.  More in the last 15 years than the history of the S&P.  You as a leader have to make sure your company maintains the greatest profitability, the best people, and be the most competitive.  Were they not profitable, not competitive, did they have the wrong strategy?

Read the book “Who” by Geoff Smart.  He gives you a road map to help your team hire the best people.

Developing the best Strategy, find yourself a business coach who will hold you and your team accountable to develop and implement the best strategy.  Someone that is a specialist in the “Scaling up” methodology.

Profitability, the Power of One is a great exercise for increasing profitability and reducing cost.

Get someone to help you with a SWOT (Strengths-Weakness-Threats-Opportunities) analysis.

Set up an advisory board of your current best customers, invite their peers to participate, people you want to do business with.

Make sure your digital marketing has the key words your prospects are searching for.

Drop me a note if you would like a copy of the Power of One exercise or if you have any questions.