The Unsung Story of the Greatest Industrial Designer

This is a great story by my friend Gary Hoover.  I loved reading the history of industrial design and how one man Raymond Lowery influenced the world of industrial design     The Unsung Story of the Greatest Industrial Designer By Gary Hoover   This article first appeared in the Archbridge Institute’s American Originals Series. Outside of the field … Continued

Advanced Learning- Nice article from Amazon’s director of learning

Amazon’s Director of Learning Science shares 5 hacks to help you learn anything Article by Abigail Hess of CNBC   Whether you’re a student, an entry-level employee or an entrepreneur with your own company, learning is a vital part of getting ahead. Warren Buffett says he still spends 80 percent of his time reading and learning. “You … Continued

A Father’s Grief: Dad, I’m okay. Everything will be all right.

  I don’t know what led Richard’s daughter to commit suicide. What I do know is he gave me, and hopefully you, a wake up call to pay attention to our kids and spouses.   “Dad, I’m okay.”   Following is part of Richard Blackwell’s article from LinkedIn: “Dad I’m ok”. That’s what Alex said … Continued

Taking Care of #1

      As a business coach, I always ask my clients about their health, and how their families are doing. One reason is that I care about them and their health. The second reason is to see how they and their family are doing. You see, in my first company that grew from Zero … Continued

What Does Success Look Like To You?

    As a Business Coach, one of the first things I ask my coaching clients is “What does success look like to you?” It is a great conversation starter, and many have never thought about life in this way. Success means different things to different people. One of the primary responses that I get … Continued

What Gets Measured Gets Done: Dashboards & Scorecards

You’ve heard the saying before, “What Gets Measured Gets Done”. What tools are you using to keep you, your leadership team and your co-workers abreast of the short, medium and long term goals of the company? Huddles are nice with updates, but those are designed for an individual basis or for a team.   Dashboards … Continued

Overcoming Business Addictions and Improving Productivity in the Workplace

Coach Billie’s Weekly Wisdom: Business Addictions

  Answering email is addictive, it gives some team members a false sense of productivity when they have more important tasks. Social Media, YouTube, Facebook, and Gaming are eating up thousands of hours and are happening in your company now! QUESTION: How do we get the team to focus on activities that move goals, while … Continued

Top 10 Biggest Mistakes made by Business Owners

Image:CNBC Top 10 Biggest mistakes made by Business Owners. Start-ups or existing businesses have lots of places to make mistakes.  Here are shortcuts to keep you out of hot water as you dive in. 1. Not thoroughly testing your concept or new product or only testing on family and friends before starting up. 2. Overestimating … Continued

Priorities: A simple tool for getting things done!

As the story goes, Ivy Steel was a Business Coach/Consultant to many of the largest corporations.  One of his clients was Charles Schwab, the President of Bethlehem Steel (predecessor of US Steel). One day, Mr. Schwab was lamenting to Ivy about how difficult it was in getting his executives to focus and get the most … Continued