4 Proven Ways To Attract The Top Talent in SC

Much of your business’ success or failure will boil down to two incredibly important factors: your goals, and the people striving to achieve those goals. That puts a lot of emphasis on hiring the best talent. We know that recruiting, hiring and training uses up a lot of resources. It can be tempting to fill the position as quickly as possible. But a hire who doesn’t fit and ultimately leaves is costly. Not just financially costly, but also a drain on your team of good employees. To be the best business in South Carolina, you need to attract the top talent in South Carolina.

How? Well, we’re here to give you 4 proven ways to attract top talent in SC.

top talent in SC
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Outstanding Company Culture: 

People are attracted to workplaces that excite them. Does yours? Poll your employees in an anonymous survey and find out how they feel about their current situations. Additionally, ask them what improvements they’d like to make. Some companies institute fun-based reforms, like adding a PlayStation or ping-pong table to the break room. Some allow employees to bring their pets to work, or work flexible hours, or even take unlimited vacation days. Another possible tweak is setting aside employees’ work time for creative improvements, whether it’s a new product, or an addition to the workplace environment.

The point is this: get your employees involved and listen to what they say.  A great workplace environment will serve as an excellent foundation for recruiting!

Innovative Recruiting Methods for Top Talent in SC:

A great example of this is a video game developer, Red 5 Studios. Competition for top talent in the video game industry is fierce! How does a company stand out in that sort of environment? Red 5 Studios created a list of their 100 dream employees and sent each person an iPod with their name engraved on it and a personalized message from the CEO. The result? A nearly 100% response rate – from their dream employees! They ended up hiring several of them away from competitors.

So, what can you do? The iPods worked so well because they were techie items sent to techie people. Look at the people in your field. What are they like? Use that as your starting point to create something brilliant!

Find Diamonds in the Rough:

Sometimes, top talent doesn’t come from an Ivy League school or a great M.B.A. program. Richard Branson, probably the world’s most famous entrepreneur, states that “personality always wins over book smarts. Company knowledge and job-specific skills can be learned, but you can’t train a personality.” You might very well meet that perfect person working in a men’s clothing store, or serving you breakfast, or changing the oil in your car.

Trying to find diamonds in the rough certainly has disadvantages, like a lack of experience in the field (which means a learning curve). However, you may wind up with a top-notch employee who’s loyal to you for spotting their potential and giving them a chance to fulfill it. It’s risky, but it’s certainly worked well for Richard Branson.

Find Your Internal Talent:

As a sort of quasi-continuance from number 3, look at your internal talent. Someone may not have experience in a certain area, but they may have the perfect combination of traits to fill a high-demand role. As an added bonus, they’ll already know your company, your product or service, their coworkers, etc.

In short, get to know your employees. Assess their potential based on personality, not experience. If you don’t believe any of them are a good fit, start looking outside the company.

There are proven methods and strategies to ensure you make a good hire every time. A business coach will help you navigate this process and put those proven strategies into motion! We at Hyper Growth Business Strategies are more than happy to assist you. In the meantime, if you haven’t already, learn more about Our Process and Our Services.