3 Reasons You Need a Certified Business Coach

Whether they want to admit it or not, almost all organizations would benefit from a bit of professional advice now and then. A Certified Business Coach provides a cost effective solution to potentially debilitating organizational problems. Would you be surprised to learn that according to a Gallup study of more than 3,000 randomly selected workers, they found that only 41% of employees felt that they know what their company stands for and what makes its brand different from its competitors? A professional business coach can help protect against such things and, more importantly, help your company grow. Here we detail three areas where a business coach offers invaluable professional guidance.


3 Reasons You Need a Certified Business Coach


As we’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, an organization needs precise alignment in order to operate at peak efficiency. We aren’t the only ones who think this is true.  In a quote from Fast Company: “Your company’s values should be aligned with, and contribute to, [your] overall goals, and you should see it reflected back to you in the individuals and teams you manage.” Unaligned (or misaligned) organizations contain employees focusing their efforts in different directions. Through coaching, their efforts can be reined in and realigned with organizational goals. An aligned organization will hum along, with employees working toward common goals, and with confusion about roles (and goals) reduced to negligible levels. The quickest and easiest way to do this is to bring in a Certified Business Coach. Additionally, a coach can offer …

Outside Perspective

If you’re like me, at some point in life you’ve handed in a carefully-proofread paper and received it back with a big red mark denoting a typo or grammatical error. You then wonder: “How in the world did that happen? I proofread that!” The answer? You’re too close. You can’t see the issue because you’re too familiar with the work.

It’s the same with businesses. Sometimes, it’s difficult to see the issues because you’re enveloped in your organizational goals and culture for one half of your waking life. A Certified Business Coach brings an educated (see #3) outside perspective. They can examine your organization without bias and report back with any issues, and the methods by which to correct said issues. For instance, a manufacturer may experience issues filling widget orders. A Certified Business Coach could come in from the outside and, through a careful evaluation of the process, provide a variety of creative solutions management might not otherwise consider due to their mental, physical, and financial investment in the current system. These outside opinions are valuable because the coaches have …

Education and Experience

When you’re having a medical issue, you see a doctor. Why? Because they’re trained in diagnosing medical issues and providing the requisite solution to solve those issues. A Certified Business Coach is an organizational doctor: a person with certification, continuing education, and years or even decades of experience solving business issues in a professional capacity. Put your trust in someone who understands business issues and the proper means to address those issues.

In summary, a Certified Business Coach offers businesses many advantages. First, they’re a cost-effective way to align your employees toward achieving critical business goals. Next, they provide an outside opinion, which is crucial for determining if there are any inefficiencies in the system, as well as for providing solutions to those issues. Finally, they’re educated and experienced in their field. Over the years, most Certified Business Coaches work with dozens (or even hundreds) of clients in an array of fields, solving a litany of issues. That sort of wide-ranging experience can be extremely beneficial to any organization.

We hope you’ll consider hiring a Certified Business Coach. If we can be of any assistance, please contact us, or view the services we offer.