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11 Ways to Bulletproof Your Business Against the Dreaded Summer Lull

In our three-part series on seasonal lulls in business, Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO) members share strategies and best practices to prevent seasonality from impacting your business bottom line. Billie Attaway, an Entrepreneur’s Organization member and “recovering serial entrepreneur,” coaches business owners to achieve BHAGs (big, hairy, audacious goals) at HyperGrowth. We asked Billie to share strategies … Continued

Summer Slowdown – Get creative, coach your people, manage cash and assets.

Image (c) Robin Bartholick / Getty Images Summer…gotta love it and hate it.  Especially when it drives down employee motivation, engagement, sales and profitability while cost continue.  Here are Ten ways to be creative and innovative during the summer months: Before the summer! Analyze the seasonality over the last several years and plan for the … Continued

8 Reasons Great Employees Leave!

If you run a business, you’ve had a great employee leave, usually with not much notice. What does this loss cost the organization? Here are several points to consider: 1. Culturally: Others in the company wonder if they should leave or what “writing” they saw on the wall. Will the replacement “fit-in” to the company? … Continued

4 Proven Ways To Attract The Top Talent in SC

Much of your business’ success or failure will boil down to two incredibly important factors: your goals, and the people striving to achieve those goals. That puts a lot of emphasis on hiring the best talent. We know that recruiting, hiring and training uses up a lot of resources. It can be tempting to fill … Continued

3 Easy Ways South Carolina Businesses Can Enjoy Profitable Growth

Normal companies strive to create profitable growth, whether they’re here in South Carolina or in the farthest reaches of Alaska.  Profitable growth, if you’re unaware, involves achieving growth and profitability simultaneously, challenging the past notion that companies should grow first, then focus on profitability later.  This article discusses three easy ways businesses can enjoy profitable … Continued

Watch Your Sales Double When You Adopt 4 Strategies

We say without hesitation that everyone would like to see sales double. Coming to that conclusion is the easy part. The hard part is figuring out how to bring that dream to fruition. Well, that’s why we’re here. Today, we’re going to look at 4 strategies to double your sales and grow your company by leaps … Continued

5 Proven Ways to Grow Your Business

It’s most people’s dream: own your own small business and build it into something highly profitable. The reality is that it’s not impossible, but it’s also not as simple as hanging an ‘Open’ sign on the window. If you want to grow your business quickly, you need to implement the proper strategies. That’s why we’re here: to … Continued

Gazelles Coaching Is The Answer for South Carolina Businesses

Raise your hand if you want to grow your business. That’s why you’re here, isn’t it: to turn that small start-up into a medium-sized business, or to turn that medium-sized business into a juggernaut? You’ll need great leadership and a well-designed system. If you’re in South Carolina, Gazelles Coaching provides a perfect solution to your … Continued

4 Steps to Promote Your Start-Up Business This Year

Looking to promote your new start-up business?  There are millions of possible methods, but in this article, we’ll detail four of the most effective ways to kick-start your company’s growth. Invest In a Great Content Marketing Strategy: The best product or service in the world is effectively worthless if no-one knows about it.  Marketing brings … Continued